The Timeline

Of the world, that is, not of this story.

In my research for this storyline I’ve studied a lot of things I wasn’t expecting to study. I am beginning to think I now know more about geology and basic evolution than most of the people I know. One of the places I’ve been organizing this research is on a new timeline. Check it out: (opens in a new tab)

Also, the Tiki-Toki timeline software is really fun to play with.

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When I first envisioned Under The Ice I did a lot of research. I built a comprehensive timeline of the major geological, climatic, and evolutionary events covering the four eons of this planets existence, and I built a timeline of the formation, breakup, and reformation of the supercontinent cycle. These two pages got into the Google search results for a lot of people doing legitimate research and began getting far more hits than the comic itself was getting.

When I took the comic down, I failed to save either the timeline of the world or the supercontinent cycle. Today I rebuilt the timeline. It’s not as complete as it was, but it’s getting there, and I’m excited about that. I’m going to continue to flesh it out and add citations and resources for anybody else who might want to use it, and I’m going to start working on the supercontinent cycle.

You can find the timeline in the “Novel” section of the website, under the “Research” menu item.

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Progress Report

I’ve gotten the complete story arc for Under The Ice outlined now, and am on to the more difficult part of the process, which is writing each characters’ personal development (growth or regression) over the course of the story.

When that is done, I’ll be ready to begin storyboarding for the comic itself. I’m hoping to power through the character charts and be on to the storyboarding in a few weeks… significantly more quickly than I got from the start to here.

I’ve also begun tinkering with FailBetter Games product StoryNexus ( as a platform for building a game to go along with the comic.

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Time To Rally

A while ago I began drawing a comic based on a story that existed only in my head. I got 8 pages in and realized that I had not planned it out nearly well enough, so I took the comic down. Now I’m planning it. I’m going to write it out as a novel first, and that’s the point of the Novel section of this website.

Be warned, browsing that part of the Under The Ice website will give a lot of spoilers.

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What Happened?

I apologize to the fans of the “Under The Ice” comic that was previously posted on this site. I started drawing the story far too early and without nearly enough planning. I’ve taken it down while I take the time to really plan it out well. The comic will be back, redrawn from scratch with much more depth. I promise.


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